Winfield Intermediate School

Project Summary

The existing Intermediate School has served the District well for several decades, beginning as the original High School.  Several additions later and the course of time has created a school that did not function as well as it could have.  An Addition with Classrooms and Toilets was designed to accommodate the needs of the school, while at the same time creating better circulation.  Many code upgrades have taken place including, door and hardware replacement and installation of a fire alarm system.  The District has also taken this opportunity to freshen up the building including most of the interior finishes and at the exterior with new paint as well as replacement of the existing windows with energy efficient units.   The HVAC system has been upgraded, along with much of the electrical system to create a more energy efficient structure.  The existing Administration Area has been reworked and along with a new Vestibule, these two areas now work in cohesion to provide for a controlled secure entry.  These changes will help restore this much loved school to the gem it once was.

Project Data

  • Winfield, Missouri
  • Winfield R-IV School District
  • 4,425 sf Addition
  • 38,500 sf Renovation