Parkway School District Renovations

Project Summary

Over the course of four years TR,i Architects assisted Parkway
School District with upgrading several buildings. This included
several maintenance items such as door and window replacements,
roof replacement, football field bleacher replacement, sprinklering
of several schools, RTU replacements and a District Wide Fire
Alarm replacement. Also, part of the Bond Issue Projects that
TR,i were involved with included the renovation of an Elementary
School’s open classroom concept to a more accommodating closed
classroom; A new reception area was designed and implemented
in one of the elementary schools to alleviate the visitor’s confusion
upon entering the school; and two middle schools had their existing
Science Departments redesigned to meet the District’s newly
implemented STEM standards and help establish parity among all
the middle schools within Parkway School District.

Project Data

  • Parkway School District
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Barretts Elementary School
  • Craig Elementary School
  • Hanna Woods Elementary School
  • Highcroft Ridge Elementary School
  • Oak Brook Elementary School
  • Pierremont Elementary School
  • Ross Elementary School
  • Wren Hollow Elementary School
  • Northeast Middle School
  • West Middle School
  • South High School
  • West High School
  • Transportation Building
  • District-Wide Fire Alarm Replacement