HSD-Arrowpoint Elementary School

Project Summary

Arrowpoint Elementary School is a new facility that has a 652 student capacity.  The school district received their wish to obtain a facility unique to all other school images.  This was accomplished by the TR,i Education Studio.  Once the programming phase was completed, the TR,i Education Studio was charged to produce documents in 80 days.  Through the use of the “Pod Organization” concept, grade levels are arranged around their own commons and support spaces.  Tom Lanzer, District Facilities Engineer, says “TR,i was recommended because of its strong programming approach, and awareness of the importance of visibility, and its plan to provide school visibility from the adjacent highway.” – Hazelwood School District Newsletter – Vol. 43 No. 11 Fall 2002

Project Data

  • St. Louis County, Missouri
  • Hazelwood School District
  • 30 Acres
  • 86,000 gsf
  • 1 & 2 Stories
  • 652 Student Capacity