Annie Gunn’s

Project Summary

Annie Gunn’s, a premier steakhouse and staple in St. Louis County, called on TR,i to help with a series of building additions to their popular Smokehouse Market and restaurant. The unique character of the existing Historic Smokehouse and finishes are coordinated with the multiple additions on all sides of the building. The exterior is highlighted by a 2-story barn holding additional dining space and a fulfillment center for holiday sales. The front elevation of the building utilizes hip and mansard roofs to transition from various story heights while enclosing the existing market entry canopy and northern patio and creating a well articulated streetscape. Complimenting the barn facade on the east side of the building is a large new patio with dining space for 56 restaurant guests.

Project Data

  • Chesterfield, MO
  • Brinkmann Constructors
  • 11,441 SF Total Addition
  • 19,941 Total Building SF
  • Kitchen Expansion
  • Seating Expansion
  • Baker Expansion
  • Barn Addition
  • Outdoor Seating Area