Normandy High School

Project Summary

TR,i and Normandy Schools Collaborative have had an ongoing facilities relationship for 20 years. We kicked-off this particular project by supporting the district through their successful no-tax-increase Proposition V bond issue campaign in 2021. Construction began in West Hall with classroom renovations and a new cafeteria. The key part of this project is the Secure Campus Connector addition which links East and Central Halls together and limits access points into the school. The original gymnasiums in East Hall are combined into a large library and collaborative space. Renovations to East and Central halls carry the design theme started in West Hall and adds new STEM classrooms, and Commons areas to modernize the nearly 100 year old campus.

Project Data

  • Normandy Schools Collaborative
  • 25,000 sf Secure Campus Connector Addition
  • Gym to Library Conversion
  • Theater Renovation
  • Classroom Renovations
  • Cafeteria Renovation
  • Hallways, Stairwells, and Restroom, and Locker Room Renovations
  • Cost: $26-M
  • Completed 2024