Jefferson College Library

Project Summary

Jefferson College selected TR,i to renovate and modernize the aging library at its Hillsboro campus used by students, faculty and residents of Hillsboro. Visitors to campus first notice the 2-story entrance addition and the updated building façade. Just beyond the entry lobby sits the 1st floor node of computer network stations provided for general use and research with the reference desk beyond. The library maintains a reserve collection, bestsellers and popular selections, magazines, a digital media collection, and a small collection for young readers. A classified, government documents, and reference collections are also available. Casual seating promotes informal use throughout the open spaces. The upper level of the building houses a room designated for quiet study and a secondary node of computer work stations used for content creation. Small group study rooms provide a place where groups of students can work collaboratively on projects and assignments. The Testing Center is configured to support computer, traditional, and individual testing while doubling as tutoring rooms. The Learning Center is an area for students working with the support of an instructor. The Disability Support Services Lab provides a variety of assistive technology devices and supports. The Center for Teaching and Learning provides support space for adjunct faculty.

Project Data

  • Hillsboro, Missouri
  • Jefferson College
  • 32,749 sf Total Area
  • 31,193 sf Renovation
  • 1,556 sf Building Addition