NSC-Normandy Early Learning / Kindergarten Center

Project Summary

A new Early Learning Center & Normandy Kindergarten Center was placed adjacent to an existing 900-student elementary school. This facility has (2) schools in (1) building with carefully separation of early childhood and kindergarten age children. Each school has its own district architecture, administration, multi-purpose rooms but shared gross motor skills, nurse, library, diagnostics and specialized student services.

The facility also features an IBC-compliant storm shelter for all the
occupants of the building.

The building is a licensed MO Daycare facility.

Project Data

  • St. Louis County, Missouri
  • Normandy Schools Collaborative
  • 37,656 sf 1st Floor
  • 27,815 sf 2nd Floor
  • 65,471 sf Total
  • Completed: 2019